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The Sarcoma Letter is specifically created with the intention of bringing sarcoma related expertise and insight to patients, their loved ones, and interested physicians. Given the rarity of sarcoma, it can take wading through a tremendous amount of obscure literature in order to find kernels of information. Our goal here is to distill it, presenting complex information in a simplified and accessible fashion.

Who am I?

I’m Brian Schulte MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco where I am medical director of the Sarcoma Program. I have been author to over a dozen journal articles, in addition to nationally presented abstracts, and book chapters. In my role, I oversee the medical aspects of the sarcoma program, ensuring growth and appropriate care for our patients, while also looking towards the future and bringing in clinical trials of novel therapies.

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Everything sarcoma: treatment, multidisciplinary care, the patient journey/experience, and the role of the oncologist


I'm Brian Schulte MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCSF and Sarcoma Program medical director. Everything written here is my opinion and does not represent the views or values of the institutions or organizations with which I am affiliated.